Thursday, August 07, 2008

Explaining another blogging absence (again?)

Errrrr....yes. I used to blog. And I still do. Been tardy, innit?

Anywayze, yes, a few posts next week should make up for the lengthy absence, with piccy-tures of summer fun, gigs and the like. Until then....

Here are some quite delightful things on Youtube and the like that I'm quite taken with.

* Forget Alicia Keys and Jack White. This should be the official theme for the next 007 flick. Ta muchly Joe Cornish (from Adam and Joe)

* The lovely Isa GT has not just started a new club night (Musicalia at the new Moustache Bar in Dalston), but also made a video for The Black Ghosts (DJ Touche and Simon Lord's splendid band) single Anyway You Choose To Give. Aceness indeed.

* Y'know when you find something on your iPod that you've never heard before, and suddenly become obsessed with it for the next day? Step forward Serge Gainsbourg and Jean-Claude Vannier, and their theme to Cannabis, the 1970 not-so-smash film of the same name. Grab the soundtrack from Boomkat or Play.

(yes, it's just music on a still image, but brilliant anyway)

* Some people need to step away from technology once in a while. Yikes.

Right, Earthquake is on the box so I'd best dash. Tame that quake Charlton!

(I first saw this in an all-night disaster movie marathon with The Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure and Dante's Peak. Dante's Peak? Well, it was 1997!)

P.S. They've made the McFly Dunks!!!