Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cut Copy UK release / The Real

Well, well, well.....update to the Cut Copy post from a week or so ago. Just seen an ad for a March UK release of 'Neon Bright Lights' in Vice magazine (it's very sick this month, esp the gross jar). Pester your local music store to get it in, and to pass the time why not go looking for a nice pair of pink leg warmers to go with it?

One band in a similar style as Cut Copy are The Real. Check out their website to get the latest gig listings, sounds and all The Real news that's fit to print. They've recently played Death Disco (they'll be back there again in May) and other ace places that young kids like to frequent these days. Keeps 'em off the streets I guess.

STOP PRESS: The Real's dashing lead singer Kyle has informed me that they're changing their name but is keeping it under wraps till the time is right. The moment I find out I'll let you know.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Nope, not the Beach Boy

A great music blog from Canadian critic Carl Wilson, who has scooped the artwork to the new Beck album 'Guero' (which is going to bring back all the Odelay fans in droves). Also has a touching tribute to old-school blogger, and KIN records man, Nick Kilroy who died earlier this week.

Tickets sorted to Slint, LCD/Soulwax/Go-Team and Willie Mason. Star Green loved me yesterday...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Slack blogging, huh?

I confess, I have been a bit tardy recently with coming back from Australia, and searching for a new abode. However, in a fortnight it should all be fine and with the power of broadband Major Leaguer will be resume normal transmission.

Here's a few things that made me prick up my ears this week...

* My favourite Beatle playing at the Superbowl (which sadly was won by New England...dammit!)

* A cool documentary about the LA rock mover and shaker Rodney Bingenheimer opens here on Friday (UK)

* Pete Doherty spends the weekend in the slammer (were you surprised?)

* and I'm going to get my A into G and get my ticket to Slint at the Astoria

Album of the week - John Legend 'Get Lifted'

Very sweet, souful offering from a man who's worked with some memorable soul and hip hop artists over the past decade, and now has his own chance to shine thanks to Kanye West. Some tracks are a bit slight, but on the whole it's a smooth and enjoyable first album. Worth admission just for the West-produced 'Used To Luv U' and the gorgeous title track.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005 - Issue One

Well, is up and running so why don't y'all check it out? Sure, I may have a column on the site but don't let that put you off....everyone involved has done a fantastic job, the columns and articles are well written, and it looks classy too. Well done Brad...

Returning to London yesterday, I was greeted by the lovely site of Pete Doherty looking wasted on the front page of the Evening Standard. It's good to see that some things don't change in two months. As for his new best friend Ms Moss, well, the less said the better.

Album of the week - Cut Copy 'Neon Bright Lights'

The pop hooks of New Order mixed with the glimmering dance sensibilities of Royksopp. Production work on the album is from Cassius's Phillippe Zdar. Lovely, just lovely. No UK release yet, but you should be able to order it on Australian import from your local record store. Over and out.