Sunday, October 31, 2004

Hey ho...let's go!, I've succumbed to the world of blogs. Knew it would happen eventually so here's hoping I stick with it unlike every other thang I've started, then turned my back on. Model planes? Check. Playing french horn? Check (yeah, strange huh. Not one for cool instruments, oh no. Had to choose the naff one. Funnily enough, years later my teacher got kicked out of school for getting to close to one of his female students. Scary man...and he smelt of cigarettes and coffee, which when you're 12 isn't exactly inspiring). Writing a novel? Actually, that's just on the back burner really.

Anyway, this lil blog should keep my hand in the ol' writing game. Used to edit the Canberra portal of Australia's largest dance music website, , and while it was a cool time, moving to London was supposed to ensure I'd take the next step up in my journo career. Well, yes and no. Made contacts, yep. Continued writing, no. Well, that's changing from now. At the moment I'm working in quite a large music store in the heart of London, and bringing it down from within. Fools....however, writing is what I want to do while I'm here so I'd better get back to it.

So...visit whenever you can...I won't bite. Well, just a nibble. (hey, while you're at it, go see Nashie's blog. Thanks Nash...ya big geezer you! ). Most posts will be of a musical kinda orientation, but we'll see whatever else comes up.

Oh, by the way, the title is of course a Pavement reference. Go on, do yerself a favour and check out the 'Crooked Rain Croooked Rain' re-issue that comes out on Monday 1st Nov (why, that's tomorrow!), 2nd Nov stateside. 2 discs of Pavementy goodness....besides, Pitchfork gave it 10/10 so how bad can it be?

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Anonymous said...

Aww. My widdle baby bro' has a blog!??
Er, yes. Model planes, french horn, basketball,'hooking' in U-13's rugby, websites, radio shows. File under 'sad yet noble attempts' ;-)
Girls have diaries, boys have blogs, n'est ce pas? (i realise but too late i have opened a rather large door for an inter-family online flame war, but until you come back to Oz this will have to do. :) C