Sunday, May 15, 2005 flyering feet hurt!

Deadline time is frying my mind. Deadline time is frying my mind. So many deadlines, so lil' time.

Martin Grech tonight at the Barfly (supported by Weapons Of Mass Belief). It'll be interesting to hear the new material in a live setting. Also, this is the third Monday in a row I've been at the Barfly (1st - Clor, 2nd - Pippettes). I should probably just bring a suitcase and decamp there...jeez!

Spent day flyering for Can't Mix in Stoke Newington and Angel, and resisted all attempts to buy second-hand clothes and records. Just. Polo shirts are-a-calling though, and today's weather easily justified investment in Penguin & Fred Perry shares. Bring on summer I say.

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