Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Return of The Roots

Roots + Peedi Peedi = Hawwwwt. Looks like Game Theory's going to be a good un'. Check out new track Long Time Coming at XXL (and if the strings at the end don't give you goose bumps then you're just not human. Yup)


Anonymous said...

Whut? You mean the Roots have done a track with Peedi Crack from State Property?

Thats just odd. I thought those two sides of Philly would never meet. I'm no Roots fan but new Peedi is long overdue.


Anonymous said...

Just listened to it. Damn Black Thought is boring. Aside from that I do quite like it.
Peedi's flow isn't as mad as normal but he still comes nice. The sample is Fraggle Rock right?

Euan said...

Sounds like Fraggle Rock dunnit? Well, at least they've gone for a lesser known Def Jam artist for the 16 bars. (fully agree on your thoughts about Peedi)

And Hova isn't pulling strings either apparently, so here's hoping it's a return to form for the Illadelph crew (I mean, Tipping Point was good, but not great...)