Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Alan Yentob blogs? More than me?

ZZZZZZZZZZZZ....what? December already? As you may be aware, Major Leaguer has been pretty quiet lately due to:

* my broken puter
* crazy busy work schedules
* X-mas and all it entails
* playing records on a semi-regular basis
* getting tipsy on a regular basis
* immmersing myself in all cricket related matters (Ashes to Ashes...)

So apologies to you, the few regular readers who have been seeing the same damn posts for the last 3 months. 2007? I swear kids, I'll shape up (or ship out). Maybe.

To make up for this slack bloggery (is that even a word?), I'll post the usual best of the year lists in the next week or so, and any other general pieces of niceness that have caught my eye in recent times. Like getting kissed by Petula Clark on my birthday!

* So, like, my favourite hussies at Mindie have made some noise about yours truly on their brand spanking new website (which was launched in style at 93 Feet East a few weekends ago. I may have been spotted playing records, or drinking their stash of Rolling Rock dry. Or both). It's totally awesome, bitchin', and gnarly. Check out the slanderous lies here! Oh, and the rest of the site is mighty schmick too. 'Brap brap', as those Mindie kids say.

* The very fine clubbing institution known as Trash is coming to an end. Say it ain't so Erol!

* World Domination? Yeah. Y Not? Yes, it's bad grammar, but it's also a new night kickstarted by the lovely Nicole Popscene and some guy called Euan. The first Y Not World Domination? will take place at The Oakford Social Club in Reading (sister boozer to the ace Lock Tavern) on December 30th. Or, New Years Eve Eve! More info when it comes to hand.

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