Monday, May 14, 2007

Farewell Blades (and God too)

Poor Sheffield United. I can't say I'm one of Neil Warnock's biggest fans, but he does give good soundbites, making a comedic alternative to most of the cliche-laden managers in the Premiership (apart from the 'special one' - everything that comes from his mouth is a joke, especially his post Champions League semi-final comments). Who would have thought a decade ago that relegation from the top-flight would cost 30 million quid?

In other action, God bowed out without a goal.

Luckily, Harry saved the day and may have landed a seat on the plane to Athens in the process. Now, if he could just nick one in the final....

Enjoy Bolton's retirement home Robbie. We'll always have the memories, right?

Bob Dylan
- You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Mick Harvey - I Have Come To Tell You That I'm Going (Serge Gainsbourg cover)


Samir said...

I really, REALLY hope that West Ham lose the legal battle and get sunk. Fuck those guys.

Euan said...

I know! Damn that biscuit maker and his team of cheats! I do like Tevez though, and if Liverpool were to sign him in the summer I'd be quite happy indeed.....oh, and maybe David Villa too!

Oh, and I saw your blog got mentioned on The Guaridan's website the other day. Well done!