Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Painting the town red in....Wagga Wagga?

So instead of going to the coast with the rest of Canberra, Saturday night was spent in the go-getting, bustling, always buzzing town of....Wagga Wagga. Crazy! A pub crawl with old compadres Nick, Don and Tim was just the tonic and after finding our pub accomodation for the night (25 dollars/10 quid a head), we headed down to the bar to get a schooner of quality beer and find ourself some honeys. Or something like that. The night continued at a heady pace, with pub after pub full of Wagga's finest ('Hey Shazza, get me a middy will ya? Cheers luv. Yeah, so where was I? Oh, yeah, anyway, we were havin' a root when all of a sudden...' You get the picture) and a soundtrack we could really get our freak on too (INXS, Barnesy, Cold Chisel, Powderfinger...sweet as mate!).

Highlight of the night was when a barman collecting glasses in one of Wagga's finest pub beer gardens slipped off a table he was leaning on, falling straight onto the concrete paving. Ow! The look on the poor guy's face wasn't pretty, and I imagine he possibly fractured his leg or hip immediately on impact. Suddenly out of nowhere a quick thinking punter, who had seen the odd episode of ER and fancied himself a bit of a George Clooney type, decided not to just attend to the bloke's needs, but drag the barman up off the ground and carry him to bar inside as quick as possible. Hang on, now I know I'm not a doctor, but aren't you supposed to leave the injured person where they are (keeping them as still as possible) and get someone to call an ambulance? Oh dear.

After facing the horrors of a burnt kebab, we headed back to our Motel 6 style accomodation and crashed for the night on our stained maitresses. Classy.

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