Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Support your local Indie record store today!

So.....finally got back to Australia for two months R'N"R (either Rock'N'Roll or Rest'N'Relaxation...still undecided!). Jetlag is still in full affect, and I've felt as if I've slept for four nights in the space of two days. Walking around hometown today was certainly weird too. My old favourite record store bit the dust a few months ago, so unlike Empire Records, it is now no more. Where it once stood is now a 'chain-discount music retailer', and it's certainly another sign that independent records stores are fighting an uphill battle to stay alive.

So, if anyone's reading this, I have a small favour to ask. This weekend, or weekday, bypass your chain record store/mega-outlet and visit your local indie. Listen to some records, pick up some flyers, chat to the staff (or not) and most importantly buy something. Keep local music stores alive, so smaller bands get the chance to be heard. Do it now! OK...getting off my! Oh, and although I work for one of the 'corporate' record stores, I spent more of my cash at indies then I do at my workplace. How else am I gonna pick up second-hand records and rare Stones Throw singles? How? Yup....

In fact it reminds me of the famous piece The Onion had a few years ago entitled 37 Record Store Clerks Feared Dead In Yo La Tengo COncert Disaster - "We're trying our best to rescue these clerks, but, realistically, there's not a lot of hope," said emergency worker Len Guzman, standing outside the 40 Watt Club, where the tragedy occurred. "These people are simply not in the physical condition to survive this sort of trauma. It's just a twisted mass of black-frame glasses and ironic Girl Scouts T-shirts in there." Funny 'cause it's true. If you want the full story, it's in The Onion annual from 2003, otherwise you can subscribe to the archives here.

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