Thursday, February 17, 2005

Cut Copy UK release / The Real

Well, well, well.....update to the Cut Copy post from a week or so ago. Just seen an ad for a March UK release of 'Neon Bright Lights' in Vice magazine (it's very sick this month, esp the gross jar). Pester your local music store to get it in, and to pass the time why not go looking for a nice pair of pink leg warmers to go with it?

One band in a similar style as Cut Copy are The Real. Check out their website to get the latest gig listings, sounds and all The Real news that's fit to print. They've recently played Death Disco (they'll be back there again in May) and other ace places that young kids like to frequent these days. Keeps 'em off the streets I guess.

STOP PRESS: The Real's dashing lead singer Kyle has informed me that they're changing their name but is keeping it under wraps till the time is right. The moment I find out I'll let you know.

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Bradley said...

sounds like some stuff there. Hit 'em up.