Monday, February 07, 2005

Slack blogging, huh?

I confess, I have been a bit tardy recently with coming back from Australia, and searching for a new abode. However, in a fortnight it should all be fine and with the power of broadband Major Leaguer will be resume normal transmission.

Here's a few things that made me prick up my ears this week...

* My favourite Beatle playing at the Superbowl (which sadly was won by New England...dammit!)

* A cool documentary about the LA rock mover and shaker Rodney Bingenheimer opens here on Friday (UK)

* Pete Doherty spends the weekend in the slammer (were you surprised?)

* and I'm going to get my A into G and get my ticket to Slint at the Astoria

Album of the week - John Legend 'Get Lifted'

Very sweet, souful offering from a man who's worked with some memorable soul and hip hop artists over the past decade, and now has his own chance to shine thanks to Kanye West. Some tracks are a bit slight, but on the whole it's a smooth and enjoyable first album. Worth admission just for the West-produced 'Used To Luv U' and the gorgeous title track.

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