Tuesday, April 26, 2005

If you liked Crazy In Love...

So, those of you who know me are aware I'm partial to the odd bit of R&B, especially the sucker punch 'damn, what was that?' kind that you want to spin again once the needle leaves the groove. Well, Amerie's '1 Thing' is one such tune. Produced by Rich Harrison (of 'Crazy In Love' fame) it's an Apache-style drum fiesta with an ace vocal. Her first album was slept on, so here's hoping working with producers like Harrison and Lil' Jon (who contributes the title track to her new album, 'Touch') gets her the recognition she deserves. Plus, there's always the video if you're not convinced.....

Oh, last Thursday was also Major Leaguer celebrity spotting day.
*Spaced's Simon Pegg looking lost (in Carnaby Street)
*The welsh presenter from Channel 4's T4 (not Vernon) who apparently had 'relations' with Pamela Anderson (at the White Stripes album playback at the Cabinet War Rooms)
*The actor who played Burnside on The Bill walking towards Oxford Street. Burnside! He looked quiet scary really. Probably on the way to nicking some geezer. Probably. Burnside!

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