Saturday, April 23, 2005

'Who wants celery?'

Highlights of the past 7 days...

*Willie Mason at ULU. The lad's a genius, and was backed by his 15 yr old brother on drums (who was wasted after two beers and a cigarette. Bless). Never been to a gig where the main act throws celery and kiwi fruit at the audience!

*Brendan Benson at Waterfront, Norwich. Power pop.....swoon.

*Meeting deadlines for DIS, Ditched, and by sunday (honest's on it's way!)

*Securing the club night at The Pool in Shoreditch. More details shortly...just keep May 11 free ok? Although if yr going to see The Real at Notting Hill Arts Club then I'll let you off, but just this once...

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