Sunday, January 15, 2006

It's a motherf***er.....

So, I climbed from my sick bed and answered the call of duty....Club Motherf*cker asked me to spin some records last night at the last minute. How could I say no? A swell time indeed, and playing out the new Justice remix of Cut Copy certainly made the night worthwhile. If you've never been to Club Mofo before then get your ass down their next month on February's going to be quite messy. I'll be bringing my Lady Sov records too...meanwhile, it's the ones and twos at Keston Lodge in Islington tonight. If you're in the area, say 'ello.

Non DJing highlight from last night? Has to be Marvin the Martian dropping some fine rhymes about being drunk. Check out his MySpazz profile here.

* Harry, Harry, Harry. Scoring in front of the Kop is a mighty fine way to say thanks. Well done son.

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