Friday, March 31, 2006

Cool? Nah, done with that jazz / Serena Maneesh

Yes, yes. Posts have been few and far between recently as i've been finishing off the monthly Subter spleen-ventage, plus a bit of work for these kids, and these kids. So, whaddya gonna do about it? Huh? Yeah, you're not so tuff now. Pfft....wiseguy.

Through Being Cool caught the eyes of the gang at Time Out this week. If we can make it there, we'll make it anywhere! Seriously, TBC this Saturday will be aceness personified indeed. Stacks of new tunes to play...come. on. down. Gives me another excuse to post our lovely logo too.

TBC @ The Orwell
382 Essex Rd
N1 London

sioux-elin. Euan. Rekkids. You. Join us?

9pm-2am, Saturday April 1 (no foolin!)
Put yr cash money away people. Entry is on the house....

Oh, and the Serena Maneesh album is on high rotation on the MJ boombox. Check out the shoegaze love here, and expect to hear 'Un-Deux' at The Orwell on Saturday night (and maybe some Loveless too...)

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bse said...

Time Out? It's big pimpin' baby.