Saturday, March 11, 2006

Evolution of man / ATP / Tandem @ Bar Music Hall

After a week of carting boxes from one house to another (and getting a sore back in the process), what better way to relax than to watch last night's Letterman. How? Thanks to this baby!

Sigh. Truly the human race has evolved, and the TV Hard Drive is the pinnacle of our progress. that we've conquered this hurdle, peace in the Middle East should be a piece of piss.

* Tandem at Bar Music Hall next Tuesday (14th March) with elin and myself. Rekkids, rekkids, rekkids, and Belgian beer. The fun kicks off at 8pm.

* Apparently people who like Tribe Called Quest also like DMX (so says Windows Media Player. Mr Gates, you don't know me very well, do you?)

* Last year's best quasi-festival is back. All Tomorrow's Parties presents Don't Look Back 2006, and to wet your whistle, here's the first gigs to be announced...what, Low playing Things We Lost In The Fire? I think I've just creamed my pants.

* Speaking of gigs that make you drop your bundle, this is the only place to be on May 16th.

* 'Industry rule number 4080, record company people are shady'. That's my favourite. What's yours? (Slight hitch. VH1 have already picked 100 lyrics, and you can only choose from that list. Huh?)

'This. Is. How. We. Move' chart for 11/3/06
(oh, speaking of Fiddy, has anyone else heard the 80 Cent mixtape? Hit and miss, but the Many Men/Take On Me cut-up is priceless)

General Echo - Rapping Dub Style
J Dilla - The Diff'rence
The Nu People - I'd Be Nowhere Without You
Caetano Veloso - Alfomega
Ghostface feat. MF Doom - Charlie Brown
Mark Ronson feat. Alex Greenwald - Just
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Gold Lion (Diplo remix)
Wonderland Avenue - White Horse (Mike Monday remix)
The Presets - Down Down Down (Digitalism remix)
Uffie - Pop The Glock (SebastiAn remix)
Hot Chip - Over And Over (Nuam Gabo remix)
Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse Of The Heart

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