Friday, November 12, 2004

Conor Oberst is taking over the world....

Getting locks shorn today in Covent Garden (yep, Fairy). Drowned in Sound hook-up afterwards, with some 2nd hand clothes shopping in between. Need more t-shirts...don't we all?

In unrelated news got free tix for 8-ball gig at Elbow room in Islington (no, not everybody's fav heavyweight rapper....every album cover is him sitting on a car...poor car) . Cheap booze, new bands, all good. Kentish town on Sat for Mark's bro's gig. Interpol next week. Roots week after. Shoot, a bit busy really...... better pick up the Bright Eyes singles today as well. Help lil' Conor out. The Willy Mason album is rather swell too. Check him out below... (without the dash, it's a good ol' hardcore porn site! Bet the emo kids get nightmares if they type it in wrong!)

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