Friday, November 12, 2004


Picked up the new Bright Eyes singles today. 'Take It Easy (Love Nothing)' is ace, surely his most ....wait for it kids...commercial (meaning hit!) offering yet outside of Desperacidos, while 'Lua' is a mellower sad-yet sweet typical Conor joint. The B-sides are cool too. 'Burn Rubber' (back o' Take It Easy') has a crunching drive to it, backed by banjos, while 'Well Whiskey' sounds like an Uncle Tupelo out-take. If I had to go for one, it'd be Take It Easy/Burn Rubber double header. Get behind the wheel, stay in front of the storm.

A good day all round really. Soup for lunch. Hair chopped. Promos galore from DIS. Found nice shirt at Box Fresh. Laughed out loud while reading new Vice on bus home and made complete fool of myself. Happy days....oh, Mercury Rev playing new songs on Jools tonight. Ker-ching!

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