Monday, January 17, 2005

Albums to look forward to in 2005 - January

It looks like being a good start to the music year with a few tasty treats coming this month. Here's what Major Leaguer is looking forward to hearing...


Mercury Rev - Secret Migration
Trail of Dead - Worlds Apart
Low - Great Destroyer
LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsytem (James Murphy can do no wrong)Bright Eyes - Digital Ash/I'm Awake...
Roots Manuva - Awfully Deep
Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous (finally getting a UK release)

Not bad for what's traditionally a quiet month for music releases. Plus, the new Chemical Brothers album sounds promising. The tracks I've heard so far aren't too shabby, and Believe, featuring Kele from Bloc Party, is a sure fire club banger. So go spend some dough on at least one of these beauties, or in the case of Bright Eyes both of them, so you can stop listening to the crap records you were given by your folks for Christmas. I'll never listen to that Neil Diamond boxset if you paid me (except for Crunchy Granola - good lord!)


Nietoperz said...

Now then... Major Leaguer knows full well that he's already heard many of those albums.

As to the others, I could probably help you out there.

BTW... new Ani Difranco album due out late Jan. "Knuckle Down." Everyone has to buy it. It's the law.

Euan said...

Well, maybe I've heard a few of them. You know me too well Mr N. I'm interested to hear what the new Ani's like. See you in 2 weeks. I will bring tasty snack treats from the land of kangaroos.