Thursday, March 03, 2005

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

Hey hey people....have been away from the ol' interweb for a while, but it looks like normal Major Leaguer transmissions will start again shortly. Found a new flat which means no more dragging my suitcase and laptop around North London. Made a few new friends, said goodbye to a few for a while (Wish I was going to Spain!), saw a few choice gigs (Slint.....wowwwwwwww) and got as little sleep possible. Heck, I even made my debut on the wheels of steel on Monday night at The Pool in Shoreditch (ta muchly Lina, Laura and Marie). Oh, and the new issue of has just been born. I may or may not have a new column there, and it may or may not be about Indie clubs in Londinium. Maybe.

Record of the week - Arcade Fire 'Funeral'

Beautiful music from the Montreal collective on every record store employee and music critics lips. Imagine The Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev and David Thomas getting jamming in a church and you're on the way to what these guys sound like. Stunning. 'Twas also Pitchfork's album of 2004, which is a good enough reason to check it out.

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