Thursday, March 17, 2005

The need for speed...processing speed that is...

Ah....broadband is just hours away. No more blogging once a fortnight, and e-mail boxes full of junk. Checked out The Real at Parker Place in Holborn last week. Label interest in this band is slowly simmering. Keep an eye on next month as I talk to Kyle and Paul from the band and find out how they're going about making a name for themselves in such a competitive industry.

Record of the week - Brendan Benson 'The Alternative to Love'

Third album from the Detroit songster and it's an absolute gem. Produced by Tchad Blake (Neil Finn, Pearl Jam, Soul Coughing), this is a record packed full of sparkling pop songs, stellar hooks and heartfelt lyrics. Sure to be one of 2005's best.

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