Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Right, where were we?

Howdy kids. Major Leaguer is back up and running on a regular basis thanks to the kind peeps at Telewest Broadband (I spent half an hour watching Italian television after my cable had been set up. Superb!). My apologies to friends and family who didn't have a clue as to my whereabouts, and to various editors who were kind enough to entertain my pleas for extended deadlines. Scouts honour I'll make all deadlines from now on....*

Record of the week - The Kills - 'No Wow'

The Kills' debut Keep On Your Mean Side was a minor classic, but with No Wow the duo up the stakes, channelling the likes of PJ Harvey and The White Stripes to fuel 11 tracks of raw rock. It's a rough, dirty, and downright sexy album, and with Rodeo Town they've got a tearjerker for indie kids everywhere. Oh, thank fuck they dropped those silly monikers (Hotel? VV?) and concentrated purely on the music. Hotel?

*I was never in the scouts....suckers...

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