Friday, December 02, 2005

Jacques Lu Cont is remixing in my house, my house.

Well, his remixes have certainly been in most of my ramshackle sets this year, as well as regularly seeping through the tinny speakers of my laptop. The latest two that I picked up today are yet more evidence that he's a sheer bloody genius.

First up is a storming take on 'A Pain That I'm Used To', the first track from the latest Depeche Mode album, Playing The Angel. Lu Cont, a.k.a Stuart Price, takes the original and turns it into a peak time anthem with whirring noises all over the shop. Listen to a snippet here, along with the Goldfrapp and Telex mixes (thanks to Quiddity). It's out on December 12.

If that doesn't sink your slipper, then Lu Cont's remix of the new Royksopp single might be more up your alley. Sure, the album it came from, The Understanding, may have been a bit vocal heavy but 'What Else Is There' was one of the hidden gems, featuring the vocals from the lurvely Karin Dreijer from The Knife (whose track 'Take My Breath Away' also got the special re-rub treatment earlier this year from Mylo - another of the year's best). While the original is a dreamy yet somber affair, the Thin White Duke rub (one more of Price's various monikers) is sunshine in a record sleeve, with the words 'euphoric crowd sing-along' written across the front with a big black marker pen. A summer classic if ever there was one, it's a shame it's hit stores in the UK in dreary wet November instead of sunny July. You may just hear this one later on tomorrow night at Through Being Cool (no, JLC won't be spinning it himself, but you get the picture). 'And the flashlights, and explosions...'. Get your mitts on it now.

* Oh, it's the end of year time and what better place to start than Some guy called Euan has listed his top 10 albums of the year. Yeah, what does he know....

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