Sunday, December 04, 2005

Too cool for school (NB. Kids - stay in school, OK?)

Ah, I love lazy Sundays. A big thank you to all that came out last night to the first Through Being Cool night at The Orwell, and special props to the posse representing all things Nice. For those that couldn't make it, well you'll just have to wait until January for the next one. Watch this space for for the why's and where's, or sign up to the Through Being Cool Mailing List at

Before that though, there's the small matter of December 31st. Looks like I'll be here.....will you?

So how what did this lazy Sunday consist of? Well, after a long lie-in, I set to work demolishing pastries and the weekend papers (hey, The Observer provides important ruffage ok?) before settling down to some Jack Sparrow shenanigans in preparation for July 6 (take a sneak peek here). Yo ho ho.

* Sign the petition to get Marty McFly's Nike Air's on the market!

* Remix of the year? Well, Koushik's re-rub of Four Tet's A Joy, featuring Stones Throw dynamo Percee P, is certainly a contender. Or perhaps the Justice overhaul of Franz Ferdinand's The Fallen? (Ta muchly Razorblade Runner)

* Highlight of last night, sans deck buffonery, was Nathaniel from My Two Dads showing us a sneak peek at this year's Christmas TV highlight

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