Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Ark vs Scooch....Yes, it's Wogan time again / New Banksy?

Yes, I can't believe it either. This is the UK's choice for Eurovision 2007 being held in Helsinki on May 12. Oh dear.

Scooch - Flying the Flag

Since Morrissey declined to take part in the whole debacle (after finding out that he would have to compete for the right to represent Her Maj in the televised UK heats), it was left to the likes of Scooch, Liz McClarnon from Atomic Kitten , Brian Harvey from East 17 and ....snigger....Big Brovaz as well as other C-list pop stars and unknowns to fight it out for the prize. I though Justin Hawkins was going to win, but after watching his entry I relaised that it might just have been a little bit too knowing for the voting public. Nice try though.

Justin Hawkins and Beverlei Brown - They Don't Make 'Em Like They Used To

Surely though it looks like Scooch will need more than just the Irish votes to topple Sweden's entry from The Ark, who've summoned the spirits of both Slade and the Bay City Rollers for their entry. Having seen The Ark play a few years ago at the Garage (when they used to have a guitarist who was the spitting image of Phil Lynott), I knew they'd have a fighting chance if they won the ultra competitive Swedish finals. Believe me, Scooch don't stand a chance in hell.

The Ark - The Worrying Kind

* From the ridiculous to the sublime. Whilst coming home from work via the 73 bus stop (outside the Angel Wings shopping centre) I looked down at the ground, and behold....

Anyone know whether this stencil is new, or have I simply failed to notice it during the 2 years catching buses from this stop?

Low - Monkey

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