Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Everybody was iPod fighting....

Tomorrow at Bethnal Green Working Men's Club there's gonna be a right royal rumble! Kicks off at 9pm with Teki Latex from Frecnh rap crew par-excellence TTC keeping the competitors at a USB cable's length from each other. Hot tips to win? !WOWOW! and the Fabric team.

* In Islington this Friday? I'm playing at Keston Lodge from 9pm to 12 in the morn with heaps of new records in the bag.

* In Shoreditch next Wednesday March 28th? Join Gino Silano and myself for more shennanigans behind the decks at Catch from 9pm. We haven't played alongside each other since New Years Eve '05 - it'll either be messy or brilliant! Or both!

* Two for today. It seems Para One can do no wrong at the moment. I slept on this when it first came out, but it's burrowed in my brain now and I just can't get it out (I believe that's called an earworm sports fans. Oh, and did you know what chooglin really means? Y'know, as in CCR's 'Keep On Chooglin'? Ewwwwww.)

Bloc Party - The Prayer (Para One remix)

Whilst sorting out the mountains of magazine cover mount discs I've collected over the years, I was struck at just how 'on it' the folks at Jockey Slut were. Their Disco Pogo For Punks In Pumps collection seemed to have a canny knack for showcasing at least two to three major talents every volume, and CD number 12 was no different with the likes of The Juan Maclean, The Books, Grand National and Justice vs Simian sharing the spotlight. Oh, and did I mention this was way back in 2003? This cut below though was my particular favourite, coming from The Baron of Techno himself.

Dave Clarke - The Wiggle

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