Friday, March 23, 2007

I wish that we could talk about it....

In my hungover state this afternoon (due to the messy events of last night's UK iPod battle, won by M.I.A. and friends) I'm finding myself drinking copious amounts of tea, writing e-mails and checking out blogs. One particular blog that I've been following closely is James Murphy's guest column on The Guardian's Arts & Entetainment blog. Murphy was told to write whatever he felt like (i.e. blogging), something which many regular readers of the site felt was a waste of space. Despite the idiotic and pointless vitriol spouted by some readers, Murphy has continued his lower-case submissions, and his most recent post on life as a touring musician is rather touching, in an odd technologically assisted manner.

LCD Soundsytem - Too Much Love

(no, I'm not going to post anything off Sound Of Silver because:
a) every blogger out there has done so already.
b) you should buy it yourself instead of piecing it together from assorted mp3
blogs. Go on....

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