Monday, March 12, 2007

Good things.... / Futureheads, meet Max Tundra

Here's some good things that float my boat right now.

* Lionel Messi's performance last night, although not entirely brilliant, was well timed and deserving of a hat-trick. 1, 2, 3. Thank God that the mighty 'Pool knocked Barca out last week (bring on PSV!)
(actually, I tell a lie. That third goal was a true Roy of the Rovers stunner!)

Picture courtesy of Dirty Dirty Dancing

*Justice at Our Disco on Friday were better than I expected, yet their skills behind the decks again gave weight to my theory that producers aren't always brilliant DJs. The fucked up mix of Daft Punk's 'Crescendolls' though was pure genius (although I wasn't too sure about them closing their set with 'The Butterfly Ball'. One of my most hated childhood songs!)

* Mr Max Tundra is out on the road again soon. Here's one of his tastiest remixes to date, spreading cosmic pixie dust over those Futurehead lads from oop north.

The Futureheads - Back To The Sea (Max Tundra remix)

*So close, yet so far: Arcade Fire denied a number one album by the Kaiser Chiefs and their Tesco fans.

*Shellac? I'll have some of that thanks. Albini and mates confirm a May 17 Koko gig two days before their appearance at ATP. I'm sure the drums will sound heavy, yet the bass almost non-existent in the mix. A bit like his work with these guys.

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