Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Addictions / Sleater Kinney / Arctic Monkeys

This week I have become addicted to...

...those damn Sudoku puzzles in The Guardian and The Independent each day, so much so that my internet and cable usage over the last week has been almost non-existent (maybe that's a good thing, I hear some of you say.'re right...dammit).

...Amazon marketplace. Cheap books, cheap CDs. Why pay more that a fiver for anything?

...Bio-yoghurt mixed with honey and pine-nuts....yummmm!

This site has started to get quite a few hits each day now, especially after the Amerie post a few weeks ago. So, let's try a lil' experiment. I've just read a feature about the NME's hottest new band of the moment (well, one of the 50 or so this week), The Arctic Monkeys. They're supposedly a mix between Blur (good!) and The Libertines (bad!) and they're touring the UK right as I blog. So, let's see how many hits Major Leaguer gets just from mentioning them. I'll keep track each day and let all y'all know....

Major Leaguer album of the week

Sleater Kinney - The Woods

First Low, now Sleater Kinney. It seems Sub Pop can do no wrong this year. The Woods is one of those albums that re-establishes your faith in good old rock'n'roll, a crackling set from a band that have reached their creative peak. Produced by Dave Fridmann (who was also at the boards on Low's The Great Destroyer, the other Sub Pop must-have of '05), The Woods sees Brownstein, Tucker and Weiss expand upon their last two outings, All Hands on the Bad One and One Beat, crafting an album that reveals new giddy thrills with every listen. Plus, in the form of Entertain they've crafted the best song to get your rocks off to so far this year. This one isn't going to leave the Major Leaguer stereo for a long time....


Sister Leaguer said...

Hey Blogboy

Ever thought your hit count could be due to the female members of your clan checking to see if you're still alive? your mum.

ps SubPop rule - they've got The Shins, various Mark Lanegan entities etc, (the semi-dodgy 'flogging a dead horse' Postal Service EP's notwithstanding...)
what's not to love?

cfitzart said...

I tried something similar with an entry about portraits of bands but it didnt seem to work lol.

Guess what? I saw Justin Heath play last night at the Church bar at Joel's farewell & I was sitting there with Joel & Donovan, Buzz rang Don but didnt get through and he texted him back 'sitting here with joel and fitzy' well..I thought it was amusing. Talked to Chris Blanchfield & Clare Martin there aswell. It was a good night!

Nash said...

How long do you think it'll be before Sub Pop gets acquired by a major?

Surely some of their ears must be pricking up by now :)