Monday, June 06, 2005

How'd you get to Major Leaguer? / Arctic Monkeys Experiment update

So, if you've just found this site for the first time it might be due to these Google searches...

6/6/05 (6:06am) - 'T4' welsh presenter - yep, the teen TV presenter Steve Jones who apparently 'conqered' Pamela Anderson and, just recently, Rose McGowan.

5/6/05 (8:37pm) - 'live in the year 3000'+lyrics - When did I blog about Busted? Oh yeah...

5/6/05 (6:28am) and 2/6/05 (11:23am) - 'frog brothers' - If you don't own this on DVD, shame on you.

2/6/05 (10:54am) and 1/6/05 (11:25am) - 'jeremy warmsley i-believe' Jeremy's single is out this week on Exercise Records. It's good, so do the right thing and get yr wallet out. Oh, here's an interview I did with Jeremy for this months issue of

Artic Monkeys Experiment: Update

Only 3 searches in the last 3 days for 'band of the moment (while Pete Doherty is absent presumed missing presumed recording the sound of himself pissing his career down the toilet)' The Arctic Monkeys resulted in hits for Major Leaguer, whereas Amerie keeps on keepin' on, scoring 10 hits for this lil' site.

Booty shaking R'N'B 1, Indie Rock 0.

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