Monday, June 20, 2005

Nature Loves Courage vs Can't Mix this Wednesday @ The Pool

Where were we? Oh yes...

So, after BSE from dropped
some science on our asses at the last Can't Mix
(new Missy - Quality with a capital Q), we sat
back for a moment and realised that we'd been
neglecting the indie kids we know and love.

However, if you're thinking, 'Oh no, not more Gang
of Four tribute bands with scruffy hair and pencil
thin moustaches' you'd be wrong because this
week you'll actually hear Gang of Four (yes!) and
so much more.

Our fine friends at disreputable zine Nature Loves
Courage wanted to throw a bash to celebrate their
fourth issue, and we at the Can't Mix institute
thought long and hard (we even got our protractors
out and measured the angles), then said '**** it,
let's do it'. So, it's NLC vs Can't Mix...bring the
mother-****ing 'J Mascis brawling with Lou Barlow'

Nature Loves Courage @ Can't Mix Won't Mix
Wednesday 22nd June
8pm-1am @ The Pool, Curtain Rd, Shoreditch,
DJs: Will Kane, Euan (Can't Mix), Dom, Pat, Luke

What's on the stereola? Arcade Fire, Riot Grrl,
Beat Happening, Butthole Surfers, Mogwai, Slint,
HipHop, Interpol, Cure, SST Hardcore, Albini,
Sebadoh, Pavement, Pixies, Jesus and Mary
Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Smiths, Lou Reed +
new bands championed in NLC. Time to get those
Mudhoney 7"'s out...

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