Friday, June 24, 2005

Spurred/The rise and rise of The Dears

OK, so it wasn't 4-1, but the Spurs still delivered the goods to win game 7 against the Pistons. Ginobili is now officially a god....let's hope the Jazz get a good draft pick and make the playoffs next year (yeah, yeah, laugh all you want, I'll still support those mormons anyday of the week)...

Have just arrived home from the corporate behemoth that was day 1 of the Wireless festival at Hyde Park. The Dears have definitely improved after six solid months of touring and played the stand-out set of the night. New Order? Pretty much a tribute show nowadays ('Show us your hits!') and not very inspiring. Dresden Dolls? Wrong audience, and definitely wrong time of the day (4pm on the main stage? You're having a laugh!). Rilo Kiley? Five songs, and then kicked off because another band ran over time...hopeless planning to say the least. Still, Jenny was lovely in fetching white cowgirl boots...*sigh*

A day of rest tomorrow, full of writing and cooking. Pumpkin soup anyone?

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