Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Can't Mix Won't Mix Wednesday 27th July

'So, Euan from Can't Mix Won't Mix, what can we
expect at CMWM this week?'

'ZZZZ......Wha? Hey, why'd you wake me up

'Sorry, just finding out if you guys have any guest
DJs this week, or anything of note happening to let
the kids know about'

'Dude, why'd you wake me up? Dammit man!
Um......I think we spent our Guest DJ fund on
hookers and blow...and magic beans...'

Can't Mix Won't Mix
Wed 27 July
with Will Kane and Euan
@ The Pool
104-108 Curtain Rd Shoreditch, EC2

Hip Hop / Electro /Indie nonsense

'Damn you magic beans.....grow!'


Milkbar Nick said...

I should come and check your night out some time...

Euan said...

Yes you should...flights from Australia to the UK are getting cheaper! Or maybe you could use a flying car....ooooh!