Sunday, July 03, 2005

'Wot Do U Call It?' Roll Deep / The changing face of Hip-Hop audiences

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To answer Wiley's question (posed on his solo effort from '03, Treddin On Thin Ice'), grime isn't garage, esky, or hip-hop. It's all of that, but distilled into a distinctly British mould which is throwing up some of the best young MC's and producers around. The new Roll Deep album features some of this talent, including Wiley, and is definitely worth a listen. Upcoming single The Avenue is arguably the standout track, with a sample nicked from The Maisonettes Heartache Avenue. Tasty stuff.

Across the pond, Village Voice has an intersting article about the changing demographic of the American hip-hop audience by ex-Source editor Bakari Kitwana.

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Calico said...

Have you heard Radioclit's screwed down and chopped up version? Get me some syrup!