Sunday, July 31, 2005

Knackered / Isolee - We Are Monster

What a tiring weekend....from playing a fun set with Sioux-Elin in a packed Catch (and then passing out from a mixture of exhaustion and a pre-set meal of dodgily cooked chicken, only to wake up the next day in bed fully clothed!), a Saturday with a bad stomach ache, and a Sunday where there was no escape from work. Aching all over, and very tired. Just two weeks till summer holidays in Madrid...phew!

Record of the week

Isolee - We Are Monster

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Those who continue to mourn the so-called death of dance albums should grab a pair of headphones and settle down with the latest opus from Raijko Muller. Upon first hearing 'We Are Monster', you immediately sense that what you're hearing is extremely familiar, much like an old friend you suddenly bump into after far too many years apart. Clicks, house grooves (and we're talking proper house here kids, as in the kind you'd encounter in a dark warehouse in Chicago in circa 1985), swirls of what appear to be Hawaiian guitar (the gorgeous 'Schrapnell'), acid squelches, and the sense of joyful abandon that comes with only the most playful of records. There's a sense that seeing these tracks performed live by Muller himself in a packed club would really be something special, but minor quibbles such as these don't really matter because listening to 'We Are Monster' in your own abode seems like the idea of heaven at this very moment. Fuck, damn, this is one fine album.

Listen to....Isolee - Schrapnell (thanks to One Louder for the link)

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