Sunday, July 03, 2005

Rollerskating Jam Named 'Saturdays' / Le Tour / Make Poverty History

The joy of a weekend away from work. Saturday comprised of -

*Battling through swarms of punters at the local markets just to get a dozen eggs and six apples. I also got 'a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter'. I remembered, I remembered!

*Re-discovering an old friend

*Reading the latest issue of that fine webzine

*Getting cyclical as Le Tour starts again - I can never get sick of watching Lance Armstrong destroy Jan Ullrich. (Props to Rob Arnold who works on the English version of the site. I remember getting drunk with Rob, Briony and the ONS crew during the Sydney Olympics. 10 beers, tequilas and potato wedges are never a good combination!)

*Watching in hope for Pink Floyd to have a barney on stage at Live8, but it never happened. Damn.

Oh, and even though the Live8 concerts might not be your idea of raising awareness of one of the world's biggest problems, the least you can do is click the banner in the top right corner of this site and take some time out to read about the situation.


cfitzart said...

You can get drunk at another Olympics in 7 years time now :D Sounds like fun

Euan said...

I know! Drunken fun for everyone. Unfortunately, taxes will go up in London which isn't great news considering they're so darn high anyway....

cfitzart said...

Hey whats going on over there? I hope you're not in the city.

Euan said...

I'm off work today so pretty lucky that I wasn't in town. All my friends over here are safe too. Pretty crazy around here at the moment. Say hi to all!

cfitzart said...

thats a relief! It must be scary all this stuff happening