Monday, July 04, 2005

I have become addicted to BB...again. Damn.

Peeling myself away from the lewdness of the 205th edition of Big Brother (as hard as it is...snigger....I don't want to swim in that pool), here's what's on the Major Leaguer stereo this week.

Missy Elliott - On And On / Can't Stop (from The Cookbook)

The two hottest hip-hop producers at the moment provide the two hottest tunes on Missy's new LP. On and On is the tag-along track at the end of the Lose Control video, and it's another case of the Neptunes raising the bar when it comes to tracks full of squelchy/poppy bliss. Meanwhile, Can't Stop sees Elliott ride the same Rich Harrison hi-hat & brass wave previously surfed by Beyonce (Crazy In Love) and Amerie (1 Thing). Both have 'club banger' written on 'em, and are begging for stereo workouts all summer long.

Royksopp - Only This Moment (Alan Braxe and Fred Falke mix)

Forget the original version and head straight to the French house duo's re-rub for a big fat serving of filtered goodness. I could listen to this all day....

Stars - Ageless Beauty (from Set Yourself On Fire)

The Canadian 04-05 invasion continues, and if the music emerging continues to be this gorgeous then Major Leaguer may be setting up camp in Montreal fairly soon. Stars' third album slipped out into UK stores earlier in the year on import, but if upcoming single Ageless Beauty follows the same path as other Cannuck successes, notably The Dears Lost In The Plot and Arcade Fire's Neighborhood 2 (Laika), then the Montreal/Toronto collective's time on indie label Arts and Crafts may be shortlived. Many a mix tape made by scruffy indie boys falling for fey indie girls this year will feature Ageless Beauty sandwiched between Blur's You're So Great and Rilo Kiley's Portions For Foxes. Ain't love grand?

Major Leaguer bonus

Oh, and on a TV related note, let's hope the Beeb reconsider their attempt to revive one of the best shows of the 90s.


cfitzart said...

I've been watching it too. Love that live streaming! How different is the English one to the Aus one?

Euan said...

Probably very similar. A lot more sex in this year's version (the English one is tamer than the Australian series which seems to have people having sex every year), and as a result on of the contestants thinks she is pregnant already! Huh?