Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just like a Rakes song really

Wake. Eat. Bus. Work. Eat. Work. Bus. Nap. Eat. Blog. Sleep. That's about the short of it recently. Am counting down the days to my Spanish siesta in Madrid (three more sleeps kids!) which should enable me to get tanned, drink quite a bit, see H & S's new baby Xander (hooray!) and just relax. Any suggestions on what to see and do in Madrid?

Newsy stuff...

* It seems David Gray is miffed that he didn't get chosen by his Bobness for Live8. NoRockNRollFun reports that the warbler is trying to get to grips with this whole 'erasing foreign debt' concept, but it sounds more like sour grapes really (that's because your music's sh8...ha! See what I did there? Huh? Wha? Fine, sod you then...grumble)

* Mojo + Dylan = 100 reasons why Bob is king. Props for including Mississippi at number 9 too.

*Things you really should stump up some cash for this week

Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
Blimey, this is great. The icy group return with the second single from their major debut, Witching Hour. This is only out on promo at the moment (the folks at Pure Groove should help you out), and the Archigram mix is definitely stokin' my coals the moment.

Goldfrapp - Ooh La La
Allison and Will return for another slice of elecro-pop jiggery. Sure, it sounds a bit like half the other tracks on Black Cherry, but still miles ahead of most Top 40 records you'll hear this year. It's all about the Tiefschwarz mix though... (again, hit up Pure Groove for your fix)

The OC - Series Two
What? You think the world of Major Leaguer is just about backpack hip hop, indie, and electro stylin'? No way, there's always time for the Seth and Summer show! Now with added two Atwood brothers for the price of one (Ryan and his jailbird bro!)...and a great big side order of indie rock to wash it down! You do feel guilty after watching it though, like when you've just had McDonalds and you get the 'fast food' regret afterwards. BURP! Oops, sorry.

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