Wednesday, August 03, 2005

So sweepy...yawn! Oh, rekkids too...

Yawn....Wednesday really is the hump day of the week. Felt tired for most of the day, especially after having homemade chilli burger for lunch which only made me want to have a kip straight afterwards. Slept on the bus home from work for the second day in a row, which is a pretty remarkable feat considering it's a rattling ol' Routemaster model (which will soon be taken out of service in the next two months...sniff!).

Tomorrow will be a much needed day off watching cricket, reading newspapers, and maybe even cleaning the house (well, at least putting some laundry on. No escape from domestic chores!). Oh, and catching up on some music too....

Simian Mobile Disco - Sick
The Simian lads have gone and made another minor classic, this time a shouty anthem about being sick of...well...everything. Expect a bleepy remix in the not too distant future at a club near you.

The Juan MacLean - Dance With Me
Absolute stunner of a finale from one of the best albums out at the moment. (not made by me unfortunately, despite the eerie similariies in our names!) Another winner from the white-hot DFA stables, and not to be confused with...

Cosmo Vitelli - Dance With Me
An oldie but a goodie that I recently re-discovered on an old Kitsune compilation. Love songs for robots anyone?

Scout Niblett - Uptown Top Ranking
In a perfect world, Scout and I would be married and living in the Catskills raising kittens. can only dream. Great cover, if slightly unsettling at first listen.

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Milkbar Nick said...

Agree on the Juan Maclean.. he da man!