Monday, August 22, 2005

R.I.P. Robert Moog

Sniff....Dr Robert Moog, one of music's true innovators, died on the weekend at the age of 71. Moog was the man responsible for revolutionising music through the creation of the electronic synthesizer. The instrument allowed musicians to create synthesized keyboards sounds on small, relatively cheap keyboards. Musicians from the 1960s to today owe much of their signature sound to the use of Moog keyboards, such as Brian Eno, Frank Zappa, The Doors, The Grateful Dead and many more.

Five ways to pay your respects...

*You know you want one. Pick up a Moog doll today.

*Grab a copy of the classic Moog edition of The Beastie Boys affiliated Grand Royal magazine (the same issue in which Bob Nastovich from Pavement shares his horse racing tips!).

*Watch the fantastic Moog documentary, featuring interviews with the likes of Stereolab, Mix Master Mike and DJ Spooky.

*Learn how to make your own theremin, the electronic wave-based device that first attracted Dr Moog into creating his own electronic instruments.

*Bone up on the winners of the Polar Music prize, Sweden's musical equivalent of the Nobel prize which was awarded to Moog in 2001 (past winners have included Stockhausen, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Ravi Shankar, and Pierre Boulez).


matt said...

Great job! (although the moog doll is whack!!)

Euan said...

No way! I want a Moog doll and a MF Doom doll, and they can go out and cruise the streets picking up Barbies and Bratz!