Sunday, August 07, 2005

News-o-rama (Ryan Adams, Hazey Jane and more)

Music. News. Here. Now. Thank. You.

*Pitchfork has the lowdown on the new albums from the man with no sense of quality control, Ryan Adams. Bless his cotton socks...

*If you find yourself in Edinburgh for this year's Fringe Festival, check out the stylings of the lovely Hazey Jane. No confirmed dates yet, but I'm sure all will be announced shortly on her MySpace site, and after Edinburgh she'll be heading Stateside for a short tour.

*Danger Doom leaked! However, instead of bringing the release date forward, UK distributor Lex will are holding tight to the October 10 release date for The Mouse and The Mask.

(Oh, and in a related story, Danger Doom is providing almost 20 times as many hits for Major Leaguer than the Arctic Monkeys. Indie Hip-Hop 2, Indie Rock'n'Roll 0).

* New Boards of Canada! Warp have set a tentative release date for the follow-up to 2002's gorgeous Geogaddi, so if you walk in to your friendly record store on a yet-to-be confirmed date in October, and have the appropriate amount of local currency (pounds, dollars, euros, clam shells, pebbles) then I'm sure you can reach an agreement with the peeps behind the counter to trade your hard earned for BOC's latest. No title or details yet, but keep checking here for details when they come to hand.

* The second Burn to Shine DVD is out on August 22 (August 23 for you chaps and chaplettes in the States) and is a fine accompaniment to Burn to Shine 1 in which a select few of the US's finest underground bands were filmed performing at full volume in the living room of a derelect house, which was then knocked down the following day (and yes, the bands had left the house before the wrecking ball came along. I hate seeing hardcore kids cry). The stellar idea of Fugazi's Brendan Canty, the first Burn to Shine featured the likes of Ted Leo, Q and Not U (who have recently called it a day), Weird War, and The Evens (the drums/guitar duo of fellow Fugazi member Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina). The second instalment looks even better, as the focus is on Chicago this time. Performances come from Wilco, Tortoise, Shellac (noise!), The Ponys and Freakwater. Sounds tasty huh? That's not all though, as Burn to Shine 3 has just finished lensing, with Portland's finest providing the tunes for the pre-demolition party. Expect appearances from Sleater Kinney, Quasi, The Shins and The Decemberists. I'm in feedback-soaked heaven...

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