Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lucky Soul : Shake shimmy shimmy

Fans of Spectoresque 60s pop looking for something new should be at The Luminaire this Saturday for The Actionettes night, Motown A-Go-Go. Headlining are one of my favourite bands, Lucky Soul, who have put out three stellar singles in the last year, with 'Lips Are Unhappy' being the pick of the bunch. They're polishing off their debut record right this moment, The Great Unwanted, and if it's anywhere as good as their recent singles it'll be in quite a few critics 'Best of 2007' lists in December.

Lucky Soul at MySpace

Here's the video for new single 'Add Your Light To Mine Baby', out March 19.

* MSTRKRFT, Ajax, Modular DJs, and Casper C. Booze. Tonight. In Shoreditch. Damn. See you there. (No, I'm not telling you where, unlike other blogs! It's supposed to be a secret!)

* Super fanboy indie news: ATP have announced the first three bands taking part in Don't Look Back 2007: Sonic Youth performing Daydream Nation, Slint performing Spiderland, and House Of Love performing House Of Love. Get your tickets here, here and here.

(At the time of writing it looks like the Sonic Youth gig has sold out, but the other two performances have plenty of tickets available. I'll see y'all at the Roundhouse on August 31 for Thurston, Kim, and a frenzy of feedback)

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