Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Schmalentine

It's Valentines Day yet again and for those who want to stick two middle fingers up to Cupid, Hallmark, and the general giftage industry here are three suggestions for alternative ways to spend your evening.

* Head on down to the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes in Tavistock Square for Sean Rowley's "I'm Not In Love" night featuring The Laundrettas, The Lovers, Erection Section (Bugged Out's Johnno), The All Star Porn Star DJ Squad and Mr Guilty Pleasures himself, Sean Rowley. Tickets are may be sold out at the time of writing, but there may be some at the door for 8 of your English pounds, and an extra 4 if you feel like a bowl.

* Not strictly an Anti-Valentines night as such, but 'So In Love' at The Old Blue Last may fit the bill if you're after a dose of something a lil' different. Live sets from David Viner and tip-for-the-top Kate Nash, whose lovely debut 7" you might still be able to find here, and Shit Disco plus the deck talents of Team Megamix, Casper C, Skull Juice and Elplate.

* Finally, yours truly will be throwing his bleeding heart on the floor while playing records of hurt and hate (ie. Phil Collins, Marvin Gaye and Violent Femmes) at Keston Lodge in Islington from 7 till 12. I'll be the one with the black rose in his mouth.

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