Friday, February 09, 2007

RJD2 bent my Wookie

Next month sees the return of RJD2 with his first album for XL, The Third Hand, out on March 5. It marks a shift towards a poppier, commercial sound, yet still has enough of the quirkier beats that have made him one of hip-hop's most slept on producers. While 'Beyond The Beyond' features his trademark synth sounds, 'You Never Had It So Good' is a full-blown verse and chorus affair that while a departure from the rest his catalogue, still has a great loose break behind it. Both tracks also carry vocals from the man himself, and aren't too shabby at all.

RJD2 - Beyond The Beyond
RJD2 - Never Had It So Good

* I forgot to marry her, and now I'll never get rich: Anna Nicole Smith dead, aged 39.

* The fight to stamp out ticket touts continues, but the big question remains unanswered: who in their right mind would pay for this?

*Yes, Major Leaguer has had a facelift. Nice huh?

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