Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not your average press conference then...

In a way though Prince really isn't your average guy. After giving a career sustaining performance at easily the best Superbowl halftime show in years (in the middle of what was a pretty one-sided game), Prince decided he wasn't ready to put the guitar away for the night. Class.

Gee, I'm actually looking forward to his next album now.

* Surely the best of the recent Justin Timberlake remixes for 'My Love' has to be Diplo's bootleg with LCD Soundsystem. Peep it at ChazOlogy, along with a slew of other JT goodness.

* AITBF's first Fabric shindig for the year is shaping up nicely if the early line-up is any indication. Taking place on Thursday April 5th, acts confirmed so far include Digitalism, Louis Austen, Para One and Friendly Fires amongst those playing live, plus Surkin, Filthy Dukes, DJ Herve, and heaps more yet to be announced. No excuses for missing this one, especially as it kicks off the Easter long weekend.

* So will Anfield now be known as 'Pizza Hut Park'? I've been worried about a takeover of my beloved Reds for a long time know, but it really was inevitable. I guess this means there's more chance for a seat on match day now, although the expected hike in ticket prices is surely just around the corner. Just don't sell Harry, ok?

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