Friday, February 02, 2007

Vista? Nuh-uh!

January? Gone already? Sheesh.

So technically this is the first MJ post for 2007, and in Mac-assisted glory too!

(Sorry Mr Gates, but Vista's hard sell didn't grab me after I found out about how your new operating system takes the 'person' away from the 'personal' PC and into Microsoft's hands. Oh, and at least now Ableton and other memory heavy software won't crash on my machine and leave me with a clicking hard

January has been quite a relaxed month with highlights including
* Lovely walks along the Southbank under the winter sun
* Heaps of new music to listen to (and share)
* News of a best friend's engagement which means a return trip Down Under to see friends and family (Tim, got a date for this shindig yet? Not that anyone's rushing you!)
* Speaking of Down Under, receiving two fantastic packages of provisions of food and music from the familia and Mr Nash. Smoked macadamia nuts from Queensland....amazing.
* Sleeping in all the time. 10 hours sleep on consecutive nights? Unheard of!
* Walking around town with a bag that promotes one of my favourite record stores in the world (thank you Nash, and thank you Blake and Byron!)
* Snapping up an Arcade Fire ticket (thanks Marie!)
* Great no-brain TV when you need it (the return of America's Next Top Model and The OC)
* Great brain-TV when you need it (Expedition Borneo, Battlestar Galactica)

* No contact from rubbish people. Grrrr.
* The windy windy day that knocked over trees in Stokey.
* Snobs.
* The last night of Trash which was impossible to get into due to poor bouncers, no queue barriers, people pushing in, and wankers all around. Shame it had to end like that.
* The regulation January cold.
* Paying for cable sport channels, and what do you get? One sided cricket matches and heartbreaking buzzerbeaters in NBA games on Martin Luther King day. Curse you Gilbert Arenas!

All up, not a bad month. What's in store this month?


Beezer B said...

This month we eat cream cakes. Just cos.

Euan said...

Wha? Cream cakes? Please explain!

Becca said...

How good is this season of the OC though...really????

Euan said...

Really. Although it jumped the shark in season 3, i'm feeling this year with Schwartz back in control. Taylor loves Ryan...awwwww.

Becca said...

As a Ryan lover I dont agree with the Taylor/Ryan thing. but that bit last week when he kissed her in front of the lawyer to help her out was the best thing EVER!!!!!!!!!