Tuesday, September 06, 2005

All I got is Nada....oh, and Antony

Ricky from the Kaisers never looked this good... Posted by Picasa

First things first, it looks like the 'juggling ball' Mercury music prize got it right for the second year in a row. Who'da thunk it? Well done Antony.

News, news, news!

* Saw the power pop stylings of Nada Surf at The Spitz last night (which is the cosiest venue I've been to in quite some time. Gets a bit hot though!)

So....no, they didn't play 'Popular'. Yes, they played heaps of tracks from Let Go, and a few from Proximity Effect. And, yes, they played half the new album, highlights being 'Do It Again' and 'What Is Your Secret' which are prime candidates for future singles. Here's what the fans thought...

*Phew! Alex Chilton is safe and well after being rescued from the murky New Orleans waters. Unfortunately, thousands of other Big Easy residents haven't been so lucky. Here's a list of charities and organisations that you can contact to pledge your support.

* On a related note, here's Kanye's outburst during last week's New Orleans beneift telethon (and whether you agree with Kanye or not, the bemused look on Mike Myers face is priceless)


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