Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Roots / Breakin' with Mr T / R.I.P. Maxwell Smart

Howdy pardners. Anybody catch part one of Scorsese's Dylan documentary last night on BBC2? Fascinating stuff, and the footage from the Newport Folk Festival with Dylan and Joan Baez was just lovely (even if he did then treat her like most other women in his life. Poor form Bob!). Part 2 is on tonight, and the DVD comes out on Monday for those who've missed their fix of Zimmerman action.

News news news...

* Illadelphers The Roots have found a new home after leaving Geffen. Yup, they're now rockin it with Hova down at Def Jam. Does this mean a reunion of the killer combo from Jigga's unplugged set?

*Gold. Yes, it's Mr T learning how to break and body pop in the campest way possible. Hey, don't mock him fool!

*Sad day for spies all over the globe as news filtered through that Agent 86 passed away last weekend. Sniff!

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