Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hand + ball = What do you think?

No goals, no penalties. Jipped, I tells ya!

*You've got only 3 more days to check out ?uestlove's fine selection of tunes on last weekend's Worldwide show on Radio 1 (filling in for Gilles Peterson).

*A sequel to No Direction Home? C'mon Bob, you know it makes sense.

*Kicking more dirt on Johnny Cash's grave - yes, it's the totally unecessary musical of his life, 'Ring of Fire: The Johnny Cash Musical Story'. Oh. Dear. Surely not another lemon, sorry, Lennon.

*Pharrell's solo joint is dropping on November 15, entitled 'In My Mind'. Here's the first single, Can I Have it Like That featuring Gwen 'Never mind Gavin, I still love you even though Institute are shit' Stefani. If you listen to ?uestlove's Worldwide show above, you'll find the Timbaland-helmed track Spaceship (feat. Magoo) around the 35 minute mark, and it's even hotter.

*New stuff too from The Strokes, Juicebox, but be quick! Thanks to Badminton Stamps. First impressions?

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