Wednesday, September 28, 2005

'Arr, squiddy, I got nothin' against ya. I just heard there was gold in yer belly'

Thar's the culprit! Posted by Picasa

Giant Squid! Suddenly I don't feel like swimming in the ocean for quite some time. Bet Steve Zissou never saw one of those. However, I'm sure he doesn't care since he's too busy admiring his nifty kicks. I don't care what Gawker says, I gotsta get me some!

Shoes, shoes, shoes...

*For those wondering, Can't Mix Won't Mix is in hibernation, but may surface in a new venue (and possibly under a new name) in the next few months. I'll keep y'all posted.

*Ding Ding! Here we go again.

*Oh dear. Looks like Steve Jobs has a problem on his hands. But why do people need more than one iPod?


Bradley said...

It's not okay to own an iPod period.

I've said my piece.

Euan said...

I'm resisting the temptation. It's mighty hard though, until I realise my walkman works just fine, thank you very much.